Mother of 3 Overcomes Drug Addiction to Graduate From College at Age 48

Epoch Times reports: From drug addict to 48-ear-old college grad

Mother of three Ginny Burton, 48, was introduced to substance abuse by her mother at the age of 12, starting off with marijuana. According to CBS, she went on to become hooked on cocaine and methamphetamine.

Burton became a regular in juvenile detention centers in her young life, where the seed was planted that motivated her to go to college to understand and ultimately change the justice system after what she characterized as injustice within the system. She enrolled at Washington University and graduated this spring; afterwards she intends

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Instead of Money, Homeless Man Asks for Job – And Gets One From Restaurant Owner

Epoch Times story

From Epoch Times comes a story about a homeless Alabama man, Taylor Thompson, who walked into BrewHa’s Pub & Grub in Mobile and asked for a job instead of a handout.

The owner, Brenda Goodhue, said he seemed trustworthy and figured she would give him a shot at a job.

Thompson’s hiring by Goodhue also initiated a Facebook fundraiser to help him out. At this writing, it’s been able to raise about 10 weeks worth of rent for Thompson. He pays $250 a week in rent.

Bravo to Brenda.

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This is what Brenda wrote on her fundraising page about Thompson, his situation, and her hiring him:

“Had a homeless guy come in BrewHa’s last week. He was looking for a job. Said he had been living in a tent for months. He said he smelled and apologized and said someone gave him a dog’s blanket to keep warm. I gave him $40.00 and told him to go to the dollar store and buy a suit of clothes that he could work in and be back at 6pm to work.
“To my surprise, he not only came back 15 minutes early to work, with a sweat suit and shoes he purchased at the dollar store. He has worked every day since then. I paid him cash the first two days so he could get some bare necessities. We also paid for a week at the Bama motel so he could be out of the weather. GOD Bless Brett Jackson for bringing him some toiletries and some clothing. He is still in need of more.
“I am not telling you this for cutos, I am asking for help to get this guy setup. He seems to be willing to do anything you asked him to do. He is seriously needing a lot more help at this point. The weekly rent at the Bama is $250.00. He is paid up until Tuesday. It will be two weeks before he gets his pay from BrewHa’s. I am limited on funds or I would continue paying for his room. I am setting up a jar at BrewHa’s for any donations I can get to help this man. It will be called the Taylor fund. If you can spare some change and want to help, please do and call me if you can do more.
“Sometimes GOD puts people in your path for a reason. Please help me help Taylor get on his feet. We are all he has. Thanking you in advance!!!”

Rocky Bleier: Four-Time Super Bowl-Winning Fullback With the Pittsburgh Steelers,
Notre Dame Grad, Wounded War Veteran,
Purple Heart and Bronze Star Recipient,
2020 NCAA Inspiration Award Winner

Rocky Bleier Receives NCAA Inspiration Award. Click above image to watch video

Wounded with shrapnel from a grenade, hospitalized for months, doctors told him he’d be ok, he would be able to perform “normal” activities. They told him not to expect to play football again. Rocky Bleier had a different vision.

Jennifer Vassel’s Birthmark Inspires Not Only a Book, But a Self-Love Brand for Kids

Jennifer Vassel

From Black Enterprise comes the story of Jennifer Vessel, a woman who was born with a birthmark covering a large portion of her back and shoulder that she was ashamed of and tried to hide during her childhood. However, when she reached college, she said she was tired of trying to hide it all the time. Instead, she embraced it, which eventually led to a book, “I Am Unique,” and the evolution of her mission to “inspire girls to live their lives undimmed.”

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The Tragic Impact of the Loss of His Father Inspires Titans Center Ben Jones

Ben Jones, Center, Tennessee Titans (Photo: Tennessee Titans media guide)
When he was only 10 years old, Tennessee Titans center Ben Jones experienced tragedy that no boy ever should have to endure. Ben’s father was killed in a helicopter crash.

Steve Jones, Ben’s dad, worked as a forester in Brent, Ala., and was traveling on a helicopter inspecting timber when his aircraft went down. The crash killed both Steve and the pilot.

The Brent community came together to help support the Jones family in their time of need, and it’s something Ben has never forgotten. The Jones family also began to work in the community to give back as well. The acts of giving Ben witnessed made a lasting impression on him. Jim Wyatt, Senior Writer/Editor of, quotes Ben as saying, “You learn from experiences like that and it makes you want to help when you get a chance.”

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