The InspiredON Mission

InspiredON’s mission really is quite simple: Deliver inspiring stories to the world.

We look for stories that will help focus people not on the negativity of life — there certainly are enough venues and outlets for that in the mainstream media — we want to focus people on the opportunity, the potential, the stories of perseverance that will uplift and inspire.

Those stories are out there; they are all around us. But they kind of hide in plain sight. Every now and then they’re featured prominently in some media somewhere. They may come at the tail-end of some newscast — something uplifting that the broadcast company feels they have to air so they can end an almost entirely negative show on an up note. Well, it’s those “up notes” that we want to focus on. It’s those stories that capture our attention when someone moves forward with a determination to break through the obstacles that confront him or her in life.

InspiredON is the home for those stories. This is where you will find both original content — words, pictures, audio, video — as well as summaries and links out to others who have put together stories that fit our ideal here.

The stories can be simple, perhaps as simple as single photograph; they can be complex. But at their core, they are inspiring. This is not a “happy news” website, necessarily, but uplifting. Sometimes it is a story that brings a smile to your face, or makes you laugh. But these inspirational stories sometimes have a way of being bittersweet. They’ll bring a smile to your face and at the same time a tear to your eye. That’s the way these stories often go — devastation, injury, illness, even death … followed by opportunity, rebirth, nurturing, growth, imagination, fulfillment.

We’d like you to join us on our quest to find and produce great, inspiring stories. Do you know of one? Let us know. Send us an email at garymhopkins@gmail.com with as much information as you have and a way to contact you or someone else about the story, and we’ll follow up on it.

Come with us on the journey. I promise it will be unforgettable. And I promise it will be inspiring.

Thanks for stopping by. And we hope you leave having been InspiredON.

InspiredON Is … Gary M. Hopkins

The genesis of InspiredON began in the mid 1990s with a seed of an idea to create something that would serve to inspire people. A book, perhaps, a magazine — some form of media that could communicate stories of inspiration to many people.

The idea simmered for years, more than a decade, and it became completely apparent as the years went on that the way to find and communicate these inspiring stories was here — online.

Gary’s entire career has been based on generating, editing, packaging and marketing great content, and that’s what we aim to do here — find great stories that will inspire.

In his career Gary has worked as a website founder, content producer, photographer, writer, editor (of both photos and writing), multimedia producer and editor, design and layout guy, and most recently as an entrepreneur.

Previously, Gary worked at AOL, and in his last few years there was the founder and director of the AOL owned and operated website, Pixcetera.com, a photography-based content vertical. In Pixcetera’s top months under his leadership, the website registered more than 90 million page views and 4.5 million unique visitors per month.

Prior to AOL, he spent 13 years at The Washington Times in a variety of roles, including that of Assistant Managing Editor and Sports Editor, where he developed solid news judgment in a fiercely independent newsroom environment while managing teams of up to 30 people and a $1.5 million annual budget. He led the launch of an innovative sports section, the Sunday Sports Times, which was the front section — the “A” section — of the Sunday paper. It was a unique product in the newspaper arena and highly successful, generating advertising growth within the section to levels previously unseen at the Washington daily.

Gary and his wife, Melissa, are co-founders of Hg, a communications consulting firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They work with nationally recognized corporate, non-profit and political clients.

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