Allison Rizzolo, Saved by a Blood Transfusion, Hopes to Inspire Others

Allison Rizzolo

From TV station KVUE in Austin, Texas comes the story of Allison Rizzolo, who was in a bad crash and needed a blood transfusion from a donor. Now she donates blood and hopes to inspire others to give.

Allison was in a road rage incident while on her way to work. She said a car sped up to get in front of her, cut her off, and hit the brakes. Allison’s car crashed into the back of the car, and her car flipped five times. She says she is lucky to be alive after losing half her blood volume in the aftermath of the accident.

“I just lost blood so quickly and so fast. I was, fortunately, able to get to be transported to the hospital very quickly, and they were able to give me that transfusion and enable me to survive,” she said.

Now she hopes to inspire others to be blood donors, knowing it can be life-saving. It was for her.

Read the whole story at KVUE.

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