The “Jesus Revolution”

Released on Feb. 24, 2023, the film, “Jesus Revolution,” has very quietly slipped into movie theaters throughout the US. It’s not a documentary, but it’s based on the true story of the 1970s events in which Greg Laurie and a sea of young people descend on sunny Southern California to redefine truth through all means of liberation. Inadvertently, Laurie meets a charismatic street preacher and a pastor who open the doors to a church to a stream of wandering youth. What unfolds is a counterculture movement that becomes the greatest spiritual awakening in American history.

Where to see it:

Take a look here: Jesus Revolution to find it in theaters near you.

Allison Rizzolo, Saved by a Blood Transfusion, Hopes to Inspire Others

Allison Rizzolo

From TV station KVUE in Austin, Texas comes the story of Allison Rizzolo, who was in a bad crash and needed a blood transfusion from a donor. Now she donates blood and hopes to inspire others to give.

Allison was in a road rage incident while on her way to work. She said a car sped up to get in front of her, cut her off, and hit the brakes. Allison’s car crashed into the back of the car, and her car flipped five times. She says she is lucky to be alive after losing half her blood volume in the aftermath of the accident.

“I just lost blood so quickly and so fast. I was, fortunately, able to get to be transported to the hospital very quickly, and they were able to give me that transfusion and enable me to survive,” she said.

Now she hopes to inspire others to be blood donors, knowing it can be life-saving. It was for her.

Read the whole story at KVUE.

Little Leaguer Hit By Pitch Consoles Pitcher

Well, it doesn’t get much more inspiring than this. If you pay attention to news or sports, you probably have seen this moment, when Texas East Little League pitcher Kaiden Shelton becomes visibly upset after hitting Oklahoma Little League batter Isaiah Jarvis in the head. In a lesson many can learn from, Isaiah shows incredible sportsmanship by walking to the pitcher’s mound from first base to console Kaiden.

Isaiah noticed Kaiden was upset by the errant pitch and was crying. Isaiah walked over and started talking to Kaiden and embracing him trying to let him know he was OK. Others, including Kaiden’s coach came to the mound to show support and the coach, who was miked up for the game could be heard saying, “Look at me. You’re alright …” Kaiden can be heard sobbing.

We’re inspired by Isaiah’s sportsmanship, and his actions in trying to comfort Kaiden. That’s why we’re memorializing this little story.

As far as the game went, Texas East ultimately won, 9-4. But that’s not the important part of this game. It’s the display of sportsmanship by Isaiah. Way to go, Isaiah.

Natalie Walks Again After Doctors
Tell Her Parents She Never Would

Follow this link or click on the photo above to see the story in its entirety at Epoch Times.

We think doctors can at times be miracle workers. We don’t disparage them at all. But in Natalie’s case, her parents didn’t want the doctors to define Natalie’s outcome from a medical spinal cord issue by limiting her to their admonition that she never would walk again. Said Natalie’s mother:

“Doctors are not God. They are human just like all of us. They make mistakes and they cannot tell what the future holds. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your child.”

In this story from the Epoch Times, you’ll also find a compelling video of Natalie walking in a therapy session.

We’re almost at a loss for words after seeing this amazing story. Almost. Two words come immediately to mind, though” GO NATALIE!

Bridger Walker, 6-Year-Old Wyoming Boy,
Saved Sister From Dog Mauling

Talk about inspiring. You’ve got to read this story: Hero Boy Who Saved Sister in Dog Attack Feels Face Scar Is ‘Something to Be Proud Of,’ Says Dad

Bridger Walker, who was 6, jumped in front of a German Shepard last year to protect his younger sister from being attacked. (Photo: Robert Walker, dad)

Bridger Walker of Wyoming, who was just 6 years old at the time, jumped in front of a German Shepard in 2020 to protect his younger sister from being attacked. His act of bravery captured worldwide attention. His now famous quote from the incident: “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”

It left him with severe facial scars, which are being treated by New York City-based dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, who is providing his services free of charge. After multiple surgeries over the past year, Bridger’s face finally is getting back to normal. Read all about this brave young hero by clicking the link or photo above.

Check out Bridger’s “before” photo on Facebook: Bridger Walker, FB (just so you know, it’s a pretty gruesome injury)

Seeing a Purple Heart Medal at a Yard Sale, a Former Military Member Buys It to Return It

The Epoch Times posted this story about a former military police officer buying a Purple Heart medal, a Bronze Star, and other medals he saw at a yard sale and began researching the man whose name was engraved on the back of the medals.

He found the family and was able to meet them and return the medals in an emotional gathering.

Truly an inspiring story. You’ll find it here: West Virginia Vet Finds Purple Heart Medal From WWII at Yard Sale, Tracks Down Owner, Returns It

Mother of 3 Overcomes Drug Addiction to Graduate From College at Age 48

Epoch Times reports: From drug addict to 48-ear-old college grad

Mother of three Ginny Burton, 48, was introduced to substance abuse by her mother at the age of 12, starting off with marijuana. According to CBS, she went on to become hooked on cocaine and methamphetamine.

Burton became a regular in juvenile detention centers in her young life, where the seed was planted that motivated her to go to college to understand and ultimately change the justice system after what she characterized as injustice within the system. She enrolled at Washington University and graduated this spring; afterwards she intends

Read the inspiring story here: Drug Addict Turns Her Life Around

Instead of Money, Homeless Man Asks for Job – And Gets One From Restaurant Owner

Epoch Times story

From Epoch Times comes a story about a homeless Alabama man, Taylor Thompson, who walked into BrewHa’s Pub & Grub in Mobile and asked for a job instead of a handout.

The owner, Brenda Goodhue, said he seemed trustworthy and figured she would give him a shot at a job.

Thompson’s hiring by Goodhue also initiated a Facebook fundraiser to help him out. At this writing, it’s been able to raise about 10 weeks worth of rent for Thompson. He pays $250 a week in rent.

Bravo to Brenda.

To read all of the story, go to: Homeless Man Walks Into Restaurant Asking for Job, Gets Second Chance From Kind Owner

This is what Brenda wrote on her fundraising page about Thompson, his situation, and her hiring him:

“Had a homeless guy come in BrewHa’s last week. He was looking for a job. Said he had been living in a tent for months. He said he smelled and apologized and said someone gave him a dog’s blanket to keep warm. I gave him $40.00 and told him to go to the dollar store and buy a suit of clothes that he could work in and be back at 6pm to work.
“To my surprise, he not only came back 15 minutes early to work, with a sweat suit and shoes he purchased at the dollar store. He has worked every day since then. I paid him cash the first two days so he could get some bare necessities. We also paid for a week at the Bama motel so he could be out of the weather. GOD Bless Brett Jackson for bringing him some toiletries and some clothing. He is still in need of more.
“I am not telling you this for cutos, I am asking for help to get this guy setup. He seems to be willing to do anything you asked him to do. He is seriously needing a lot more help at this point. The weekly rent at the Bama is $250.00. He is paid up until Tuesday. It will be two weeks before he gets his pay from BrewHa’s. I am limited on funds or I would continue paying for his room. I am setting up a jar at BrewHa’s for any donations I can get to help this man. It will be called the Taylor fund. If you can spare some change and want to help, please do and call me if you can do more.
“Sometimes GOD puts people in your path for a reason. Please help me help Taylor get on his feet. We are all he has. Thanking you in advance!!!”