‘Secretariat’ and American Optimism

Great column by Cal Thomas that I read online in the Examiner — Cal Thomas: ‘Secretariat’ triumphs in American optimism.

I’m definitely putting the movie on my “to-do” list, and taking the whole family. I was commenting back and forth on Facebook with former colleague Rick Snider, also of the Examiner, who told me when he saw the movie at an advance screening that he thought it was definitely worth seeing. He said, “Saw advance screening of Secretariat movie out Oct. 8. Very good. If you liked Seabiscuit, you’ll like Secretariat.” Rick should know. He has been covering horse racing for decades — all the Triple Crown races and others, particularly in his home state of Maryland. Here’s his brief review of it on his blog: Go see Secretariat the movie (and please be sure to follow the link on his blog to go to his full review in the Examiner).


We’ll be starting some lists shortly here at InspiredON — for most inspirational movies, books, songs, etc. — and it sounds like this one will go right to the top of that list.

If you see it, come back and post your opinions on it, and also feel free to post some names of movies you would nominate to be on InspiredON’s most inspirational movies list. I’ll bet you could come up with a handful right off the top of your head: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘SeaBiscuit,’ ‘Rocky,’ ‘Pay it Forward,’ ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ ‘Remember the Titans,’ and so on. Let’s see what kind of a list we can build.