Our Mission, Explained

InspiredON’s mission really is quite simple: Deliver inspiring stories to the world.

We look for stories that will help people focus not on the negativity of life — there certainly are enough venues and outlets for that in the mainstream media — but on stories that will uplift and inspire.

Those stories are out there; they are all around us. But they hide in plain sight. Every now and then they’re featured prominently in the media somewhere. They may come at the tail-end of some newscast — something positive or happy that the broadcast company feels they have to air so they can end an almost entirely negative show on an up note. Well, it’s those “up notes” that we want to focus on. It’s those stories that capture our attention when someone moves forward with a determination to break through the obstacles that confront him or her in life.

In a modern media landscape that bombards you with a constant barrage of meaningless celebrity news, politically slanted reportage, and an onslaught of commentary that serves to attack and degrade, InspiredON exists to separate itself with compelling stories that uplift the human spirit. Continue reading “Our Mission, Explained”