Dr. Javnyuy Joybert Decided to Become His Own CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)

“Inspired by God”

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert, CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
Javnyuy Joybert fought depression after graduating from high school with no clear goals, no clear path forward. He and his mother couldn’t afford college. But within this search to move forward, Javnyuy found a “spark” as he called it. He decided to become his own CIO — Chief Inspiration Officer.

Javnyuy started working odd jobs to earn money. He worked in construction, at a car wash, being a motorcycle courier, working in bakeries, bar tending — in short, anything and everything he could get work at. He earned enough to apply to a university. He went on to go to college, to earn a doctorate degree in business administration, entrepreneurship and investments; and he suggests that hiring yourself as your own CIO is something everyone needs to do.

He says he was “inspired by god” to pursue a positive future.

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